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DaJayBella (7 days ago)

Please don't take my kimis, I may not be making them regular anymore but I am still making them and this is my kimi my creation. Thank you Mine http://imikimi.com/main/view_kimi/CEeS-2lR Yours http://imikimi.com/main/view_kimi/oNwN-4Db
DaJayBella (8 months ago)

Thank you so much :)
ghy01 (8 months ago)

Thank you Dear DaJayBella , hugs for you....
DaJayBella (9 months ago)

Happy Mothers Day Emilia, hope this is a special day for you and your family.
ghy01 (1 year ago)

Thank you very much. Wish you all the best.
ghy01 (1 year ago)

Thank you very much Dear laceyjan 5. Hugs: Emilia
laceyjan (1 year ago)

Absolutely Beautiful Kimi's WOWWW